The Other Reality

Artist Statement Prep

Posted in MFA, Studio Work by aryckman on March 19, 2009


  • Me
  • My Maternal Grandfather
  • My Sisters

For Whom:

  • Me
  • My maternal grandfather
  • My (late) maternal grandmother
  • My mother
  • My sisters
  • Anyone who misses his or her childhood
  • Anyone who has lost a family member
  • Anyone who is afraid of losing a family member
  • Anyone who has had to deal with change
  • Anyone who might forget something they loved


  • Photographs
  • Text
  • Boxes
  • Paper
  • Labels
  • Recordings
  • Tape


  • At my grandfather’s house
  • With me


  • Photographing
  • Archiving
  • Writing
  • Collaborating with sisters


  • Because I am afraid of change
  • Because when my grandfather falls asleep sometimes I pause to make sure he’s still breathing
  • Because I hate calling my grandfather because if he doesn’t answer I begin to panic
  • Because I am afraid of losing my grandfather
  • Because I don’t know if I’ve dealt with my grandmother’s death
  • Because I am angry that I have to grow up
  • Because I’m afraid of the fallibility of my memory
  • Because I hate when my mom cleans my grandfather’s house
  • Because I hate when things get thrown out
  • Because I might forget
  • Because things get harder as you get older
  • Because the world seems to be getting worse
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