The Other Reality

An excerpt

Posted in Not Completely Random by aryckman on November 19, 2008

Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson. Page 195.

Sylvie did not want to lose me.  She did not want me to grow gigantic and multiply, so that I seemed to fill the whole house, and she did not wish me to turn subtle and miscible, so that I could pass through the membranes that separate dream and dream.  She did not wish to remember me.  She much preferred my simple, ordinary presence, silent and ungainly though I might be.  For she could regard me without strong emotion—a familiar shape, a familiar face, a familiar silence. She could forget I was in the room. She could speak to herself, or to someone in her thoughts, with pleasure and animation, even while I sat beside her—this was the measure of our intimacy, that she gave almost no thought to me at all.

But if she lost me, I would become extraordinary by my vanishing.

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